Friday, October 21, 2011


First of all, I have the Youtube channel updated with a few of the older Duel Master’s videos myself and a few friends took about a year or two ago. I’ll be updating pretty regularly from this point forward until I can get some actual duel videos with strategy videos, single card and deck discussions, as well as Question and Answer segments if you guys want to throw me some questions you have about DM, ideas for the channel, or life or whatever. I’m here for you all.
Second, I’m going to start posting the Song of the Weeks up here too if I can find a way to organize them and have it make sense here on the blog. I’m still learning how to manage this thing, so bear with me while I figure stuff out…
Finally, I’ll have an actual blog post written up tonight when I have a little more time to write, it’s gonna be about friends and family, so you guys can look forward to that J
I’ll be posting links for the Youtube channel in my profile description as well as posting video updates here on the main pages via updates with links. Here’s the link for the update I made earlier this week.
See ya later guys!

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