Friday, October 14, 2011

Duel Masters

If I could sum up my life from the summer of 2004 to December of 2006 in a few words, it would be Duel Masters. This doopy little card game helped me make some of the strongest friendships I have today and really helped me get to know myself as well as who I wanted to be thanks to all the bonds I forged. I had always been fond of card games since I was little and still am today, but there was something special about Duel Masters that just made it stand out from everything else. Maybe it’s because it was during a time in my life when I was truly growing up or maybe it was the short-livedness of the whole experience (looking back it never felt like it was only two and a half years). Regardless, I miss DM and the fun I had being a competitor in the vastness of it all. I’m thankful I still have the friends I had then who are still just as enthusiastic as I am about DM and still want to play whenever the chance presents itself. The game truly was magic and the people and bonds grown throughout the whole experience were even more so. Thanks to DM, I found a brother and second parents that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world, and though the game has faded away and the community it once held has dispersed, the connections can still be felt and whenever one of us contacts another, you can feel the enthusiasm and magic return. It really was/is something special.
Some of you may be wondering “What is Duel Masters?” … Well let me try to explain.
Duel Masters is a trading card game (TCG) developed by Wizards of the Coast (The same guys who do Magic) and released in America in March of 2004. The game focuses on “mana” as a way to summon monsters and cast spells to break through the opponents shields in order to land a finishing blow to the opposing player him/herself to win. I’ll post some links below to help better explain the gameplay and some videos on the game actually being played by myself and friends too!! Anyways, the game quickly became popular, had its own cartoon, hosted regional qualifiers, and had two Continental Championships before heading south in the late fall of 2006. Some people credit DM’s fall to poor support by Wizards of the Coast in order to push Magic more, while some credit it to the cartoon being terrible and wacky (I liked it), as well as other various reasons. DM is still the largest and most popular game in Asia/Japan.
Here’s the old Youtube account that I posted a few videos on:
The Wiki Page (Learn Something!!):
The main Website (Surprised this still exists J). There’s a tutorial here as well…
And here’s my current Youtube account. There’s nothing for DM on here now, but there will be in the next month or so when my friends and I can get together and create some footage. Subscribe to this account and let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions. Or if you’re just interested in supporting or learning about Duel Masters!!
Thanks guys. See you next post!

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  1. Carl, DM is awesome. Thanks for bringing it to the eyes of the public, haha. I'll never forget those times either.