Friday, October 21, 2011

Song of the Week(s) 1 - 3

Well, I'm just gonna post all the Song of the Week's up here in post, there's only been 3 so far, but I can't see another way to do this (and I really don't feel like trying to find the way if there actually is a way). In the future, Song of the Week (SotW) will be updated every Friday. I also take suggestions for SotW's. So if there's a song you really like that means something to you, let me know and most likely I'll post it for the SotW.

Alrighty, here you go. Enjoy.

SotW 1: Owl City - On the Wing

SotW 2: John Mayer - Daughters

SotW 3: Pokemon - Johto Journeys Theme (remix from 3rd movie)
I gotta say, of all the pokemon movies, at least the older ones (haven't seen anything past the latios/latias movie), this is the best theme to spawn out of them. Its a remixed version of the original which is also really good. I don't watch pokemon (the cartoon or the movies) anymore, but following it when i was younger was just too awesome, and pokemon will always hold a special place in my heart. And the music from what i've heard is all pure gold.

In the future, i'll post why the song was chosen, but I'm to lazy to redo it for the first two... but expect descriptions for the rest moving forward.

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